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This is the place to start. Sign up for your mini course, that will dispel several common myths and help you manage your pain. I couldn't bend over to tie my shoes. I could not put my pants on without pain. I could not turn my head to look for oncoming traffic. I thought I might have to quit driving. You deserve to learn how you can take control of yourself and lose pesky pounds. We help you succeed faster!! I can't wait to see you on the other side!!

Let me ask you a question: 
Are you having trouble with excessive weight gain? With Fear of Change?  I guide you through the steps to wellness. I started at 45 and I am still active. My 80 year old friend adopted this and jumped in with both feet and lost 90 pounds in five months. My other friend was facing a hip replacement, and it has been down graded to bursitis. Can't do it this fast? I understand. That's why this course is for you! Getting started is the first step. Start Here!

What You'll Learn
Fine Tuning will help you age better, and finding your best foods will keep you moving 

My Pain Relief

I saw my Grandma suffer. I saw my Dad suffer. I help people who are suffering and can't move. I hurt just like them. I don't any more 

I Found My Energy

Eating too much of one thing can leave you sleepy after you eat. Conquer your cravings!!

My IBS Relief

Digesting is easy for some. Challenging for others. Your best foods with the proper nutrients will solve this issue for you. If you have hemorrhoids, or sciatica, there is help.

I Can Walk and Do Fun things

I love to sew and make quilts and masks for COVID. I give them to family and friends. I couldn't stand for long periods of time. Now I can.  Now I can cook delicious meals. I love to shop, do you?

As a medical technologist who understands the concept of "lectins" and how they work in our system to either cause wellness or disease, learning how to eat efficiently will help you age without suffering unnecessarily. Losing muscle mass means we can lessen our intake so we can digest properly. Learning which nutrients we need we can keep our metabolic processes running correctly. Creating your best "Blueprint for Optimum Wellness." 

Kristi Tornabene

Get In On The Action
Starting Here and actually incorporating these Keys will guide you to your Blueprint for Optimum Wellness

Wheat, Gluten, Glyosphate and Now GMO

Summary of Video 1 - We discuss what wheat does to your body. The surprising things about wheat you want to know.

Beans, We can't eat them all.

Summary of Video 2 Why certain beans don't cause gas, and aren't the musical fruit.

Nuts and Seeds for Magnesium

Summary of Video 3 - Why nuts and seeds can deliver important nutrients for your body. 

Eliminating white things and what to drink

Summary of Video 4- Milk is for baby cows. What do we humans do? 

Learn to Relax and feel Calm

Summary of Video 5- Breathing as Depak Chopra teaches and Learning how to be grateful. Learning the steps to become strong and "bullet proof". I would love to teach you how.

Getting Enough Sun and eliminating Non productive proteins

Video 6 - More information about proteins and the importance of sun to increase vitamin D levels for  better immunity. 

What others are saying...

"Kristi helped me lose the weight I thought I couldn't. I wasn't hungry any more, and I believe this system will work for you as it did for me.

I now sleep 7-8 hours a night, before I only slept 5-6 hours.  I also cured my diverticulitis.

- Lee Dunham

"Kristi helped me have more energy after work and I can now go out and walk, before I used to plop on the couch and rest. Now I feel better. 

- Terri Dahl

"Kristi  told me what to eat. I was headed for a hip replacement, and after eating what she said, it has been reduced to bursitis. I don't need the hip surgery any more!! 

- Artie Hodgson

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